• Always be found: No matter where your customers are looking for you
  • Your personal contact person is available to you at any time
  • Austrian security and data protection standards

Herold Partner offer

What is Online Complete and how can your business benefit from it on the website?

Online Complete ensures that customers in Austria - no matter where and how they search - can no longer avoid your company. It doesn't matter whether it's Austria's important portals, navigation devices or voice search software: With Online Complete you ensure that the information about your company published on the Internet is consistent and protected against changes by third parties. By this we mean address, telephone number, opening times, photos & logos, etc.

Check where your company can be found today with Herold's visibility check.

In these 4 steps you give your website visibility.

  1. Easy data collection

    In the first step, your data will be recorded by our partner Herold by telephone. In order for your company to appear on the connected platforms, including herold.at, we ask that you submit your photos and logos.

  2. Simple portal connection

    Online-Complete allows you to quickly and easily manage all information about your company on the most important platforms.

  3. One click to update

    In the future, all changes will be transferred in real time with just one click. This prevents incorrect data from being found on the Internet. Information will be changed and updated for you at any time if you wish.

  4. Success guarantee

    With optimal visibility on the web, you not only acquire new customers, but also generate more sales.

The advantages at a glance

  • 1. Maximum visibility on the web

    Your company will appear in 95% of all relevant online searches in Austria, giving you better placement and findability in organic searches and supporting your Google ranking.

  • 2. Keep the overview

    With Online Complete you can easily keep track of the various entries of your company on the web. You will find out what is being said about you on the Internet and can react immediately.

  • 3. Proper presence everywhere

    Your company is present on more than 25 Austrian portals. In addition, the information is also integrated as a point of interest in the navigation devices of the largest car manufacturers and can be called up with the most common voice assistants Alexa, Siri and Google Home.

  • 4. Secure data management

    Your data is protected against manipulation. Nobody - and we mean nobody - can change your company information without your consent.

Digital Hub Vienna

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The Austrian web hosting and domain provider easyname has been cooperating with the Austrian specialist for digital marketing, Herold, under one roof in Vienna since 2021. Together we will help you to round off your online business perfectly.