What do I get as a partner?

We at easyname help people to be successful online. And you can help us!

We let you participate in our success by receiving a commission for contracts that you have advertised. A classic win-win situation. Our affiliate program aims to be recommended by satisfied customers and partners. And of course we are very happy to honor that.

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    Attractive commissions for you

    Become a gold or even platinum partner and benefit from our attractive commission model. Receive either an on-time or lifetime remuneration - depending on your individual performance.

  • Particularly fast payouts

    We always distribute commission at the earliest possible point in time. Means, as soon as the contract you advertise has been paid, you will receive your commission within 30 days.

  • State-of-the-art partner platform

    Our innovative partner software offers you all the features you need. You have a full overview of your sales, commissions and advertising material. Our double tracking switch ensures the highest possible measurement accuracy.

  • Contact person

    True to our motto: customer-focused, simple and personal, we always try to answer your concerns as quickly as possible. We work together with our partners as a team, that only works in a personal, direct exchange.

How can I participate?

Becoming a partner is very simple: Participation in our affiliate program is free for you and you can only benefit! The following three steps show how easy it is to participate:

  • First step

    Create an account

    You create your free, personal partner account with all relevant data, including address and bank details (for your payouts).

  • Second step

    Choose advertising material

    Now you can select and use your individual links and banners for our products under the item “Advertising Material”.

  • Third step

    Earn money

    As soon as a contract is concluded and paid for via your link, the probably most beautiful part of your partnership begins: you earn your commission.

Real reviews from real partners

  • I have trusted easyname for several years and am happy to recommend the products to my customers because the technical aspect works perfectly, the prices are attractive and, above all, the support is excellent. You can always reach employees by phone who can provide excellent help!

    webfeuer.wien – Mag. Florian Bauer
  • With the affiliate program, we can easily and directly recommend easyname to our customers for hosting contracts, domains, etc. - and receive a fair commission for doing so. The associated online platform also gives us a good overview at all times.

    Elisabeth Cichon, DigitalQuartett Werbeagentur OG
  • Your start as a Gold Partner

    At easyame, you start as a Gold Partner with Onetime commissions. That means: every sale you broker brings you real money! You will receive a one-time commission for every contract concluded. How much - you can find out in our overview.

  • For everyone who wants more: Platinum Partnership

    The Platinum Partnership with the lifetime commission model pays off for you in the long run: every time a contract you advertise is renewed, another commission is added to your account.

    This is how the Platinum Partnership works

    • You arrange at least three active contracts with us within a period of 60 days. Then the fourth contract is already a lifetime sale.
    • To keep your platinum partner status, you generate at least one new contract every 6 months.
    • Can't reach your goal within this time limit? Not bad: you can continue to advertise in Gold Partner status as before.
    • You will continue to receive your platinum commissions each time you renew your contract.
    • You can of course become a Platinum Partner again at any time.

Platinum Partnership: You Can Earn It!

Below is a full overview of the commissions for each of our products. A calculation example: A customer who was referred by you books a large web hosting for 5.99 euros (annual contract). Your commission on this package is 7.00 euros per year, which you will receive again after paying the first invoice and after each contract renewal.

That means: If the contract remains with us for 8 years, you will have earned 56 euros with a single placement. What this means for you: With just 5 contracts advertised each month, you can earn around 420 euros, which you will receive again every year.

Commission overview

Select product

Products that are not on this list do not receive any commission.

  • Website Builder


    Contract term: 3 Months

    € 4,00 once

    € 2,00 every 3 months

    Contract term: 6 Months

    € 7,00 once

    € 3,50 every 6 months

    Contract term: 12 Months

    € 12,00 once

    € 6,00 every 12 months

    Contract term: 24 Months

    € 22,00 once

    € 11,00 every 24 months

  • Website Builder

    Website + Shop

    Contract term: 3 Months

    € 7,00 once

    € 3,50 every 3 months

    Contract term: 6 Months

    € 13,00 once

    € 6,50 every 6 months

    Contract term: 12 Months

    € 24,00 once

    € 12,00 every 12 months

    Contract term: 24 Months

    € 46,00 once

    € 23,00 every 24 months

  • Website Builder

    Website + Shop XL

    Contract term: 3 Months

    € 10,00 once

    € 5,00 every 3 months

    Contract term: 6 Months

    € 19,00 once

    € 9,50 every 6 months

    Contract term: 12 Months

    € 36,00 once

    € 18,00 every 12 months

    Contract term: 24 Months

    € 70,00 once

    € 35,00 every 24 months

  • Webhosting


    Contract term: 6 Months

    € 6,00 once

    € 3,00 every 6 months

    Contract term: 12 Months

    € 9,00 once

    € 4,50 every 12 months

    Contract term: 24 Months

    € 18,00 once

    € 9,00 every 24 months

  • Webhosting


    Contract term: 6 Months

    € 8,00 once

    € 4,00 every 6 months

    Contract term: 12 Months

    € 14,00 once

    € 7,00 every 12 months

    Contract term: 24 Months

    € 28,00 once

    € 14,00 every 24 months

  • Webhosting


    Contract term: 6 Months

    € 16,00 once

    € 8,00 every 6 months

    Contract term: 12 Months

    € 28,00 once

    € 14,00 every 12 months

    Contract term: 24 Months

    € 48,00 once

    € 24,00 every 24 months

  • VPS

    Virtual Private Server

    Contract term: 1 month

    40% once

    10% a month on the invoice amount

  • Domain


    Contract term: 12 Months

    40% once

    15% a year on the invoice amount

Real advice from real experts

Do you have questions about our partner program? Or are you generally interested in a cooperation with us? Then feel free to email me or book a 30-minute online appointment.

Sebastian Dürscheidt

Partner management

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Frequently Asked Questions

As soon as you have registered with your data, your data will be checked and approved by us. You will then get access to your partner account.

In the “Advertising Material” area you will find your personal product links and banners, which you can either integrate or forward on your website. If a purchase is made through your link, you will receive a commission for it.

Commissions are always paid to you at the beginning of the month. Before we can release a commission, two things must be met:

  • The contract was signed at least 14 days ago. We wait until the statutory withdrawal period has expired.
  • The advertised contract has been paid for.

If both criteria are met, you will receive your commission at the beginning of the following month.

Products that you can currently order via our shopping cart on the website are commissioned. SSL certificates are excluded. You can see exactly what you get for which product in our overview .

As a gold partner, you will of course only receive your on-time commission once.

As a platinum partner, the rate of payment of your commission depends on the duration of the contract advertised. If you have an annual contract, you will receive your commission for this contract once a year. If you advertise a monthly contract, you will receive the commission monthly. So whenever the advertised contract is extended.

During the registration process in our partner program, you enter your account details. Once a month / year you will receive an overview of your withdrawable credits from us, which will then be transferred to your account.