How can I transfer my domain to another easyname account?

You can transfer a domain from one easyname account to another. This process is called Internal Transfer.

If you want to transfer a domain to another account, you only need the email address from the other easyname account to initiate the transfer.

Transfer a domain internally

To initiate the process, please log in to the Controlpanel first.

When you get there, click on Domains in the tab on the left and then on the white Manage pencil symbol for the domain you want to transfer.

When you reach the domain overview, scroll down to the Outgoing transfer tab and then click Transfer domain to another account.

You are now in the domain transfer overview. Please enter the email address of the other easyname account below. After pressing the button, the transfer is initiated.

Two emails will be sent automatically. Once to the email address of the current domain owner and once to the email address of the new one.

Alternatively, the release can also be confirmed in the target account. In the target account, under Domains, the menu item Internal transfer appears where this process can be completed.

After confirmation, the transfer will be completed automatically.

What should be considered for an internal transfer

Please note that data such as e-mail addresses, subdomains and DNS entries are not transferred and are therefore deleted without exception. E-mail mailboxes are retained, but no data is transferred. Only the domain name is taken along!

It should also be noted that an internal transfer can trigger a change of owner (if the owner does not remain the same). The process happens automatically here and must be completed. Only then will the domain be moved from the system to the new account. Here we have a small guide on what to consider when changing ownership and how to complete it


It is also important that the internal transfer is currently only possible in the control panel. If you are a Cloudpit customer, please contact support so that we can transfer your desired domain.

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